Which raw materials can be processed into pellets by our large pellet mill?

Through main structural improvement, our large pellet mill can process different kinds of biomass materials into pellets fuel by adjusting the compression ratio.

Why is ring die easy to crack?

Because pelletizing system derives from feed machinery in the early period, the compression ratio and hole distribution of ring die are both based on feed machinery. But now, the technicians develop ring die anti-cracking technology in order to protect ring die not to crack during the heat treatment.

How about the output of large pellet mill?

Over technical innovation of ring die, the output of our large pellet mill has improved greatly. In addition, main device adpots reinforced stainless steel propeller and the fan blade inject feeding continuously, which will enhance running stable and increase materials injecton area so as to improve output.  For example, HS508 large pellet making machine, the capacity is about 1000-1200t/h larger than before.

How do we handle roller and bearing damage frequently?

By structural adjustment, raw material improvement and heat treatment process improvement, we enhance the strength and toughness of axis, ring die and rollers so as to avoid the damages under high temperature and pressure.

How do we keep the machine running smoothly?

We can add non-stop refueling system and air cooling system to cut down high temperature and remove the excessive dust, which will guarantee the ring die pellet mill running smoothly.

For high energy cost and complicated, how do we deal with?

For high energy consumption and complicated process, we streamline the process by technical innovation. For example, we adopt self delay control to start current and voltage. It is easy to operate.