2-3 tons wood pellet plant in Vlasotince, Serbia

The project locates Vlasotince, serbia, 300km from belgrade, which is rich forestry resource. The wood log is the main raw material. The client will process these wood log into wood pellet for different commercial purposes. Our client requests 2-3 tons per hour capacity of whole line, including lie splitter, chipping machine, sieving machine, stove, drum dryer, separator bin, 2 set of pellet mill(NPM-420), cooler, packing scale. This is the first pellet plant for our customer. If this plant work well, he will develop another big pellet plant for processing more different raw material. Let us share some photos of this wood pellet plant!

raw material-wood logs
Raw material - wood log

material seperator bin
Material seperator bin

chipping machine
Chipping machine

crusher machine
Crusher machine

rotary drum dryer
Rotary drum dryer

cyclone for rotary drum dryer
Cyclone for rotary drum dryer

magnetic seperator
Magnetic seperator

cooler and packing scale
Cooler and packing scale

sieving machine
Sieving machine

line splitter
Line splitter

pellet mill and cooler
Pellet mill and cooler

workers are installing pellet equipments
Workers are installing pellet equipments.