industrial pellet mill

As everybody knows that industrial pellet mill is widely utilized to make biomass pellets fuel for different applications. Through many years’ market survey, our large wood pellet mill is hot sale and popular by the customers.TO keep pace with economy and society development, our pellet machine also needs to innovate in some spare parts like ring die, roller shell and bearings.

new technologies
Over many years' practical experience accumulated, the technicians of NPM develop ring die anti-cracking technology, which ensure ring die not crack during the heat treatment. Therefore, the capacity of our industrial pellet mill improves greatly. For instance model KMPM508, the capacity is about 1000-1200t/h. The ring die is the key components of industrial pellet mill. The early pelletizing system derives from feed machinery, the compression ratio and hole distribution of ring die are both based on feed machinery. But the biomass pellets pressure has exceeded the required greatly, ring dies often crack and scrap.The hole and main motor speed configuration are unreasonable; this even will lead to materials self-ignite during the pelletizing process.

ring die anti cracking technology
Today, through technicians efforts, our company develops the newest ring die adopting high-Cr alloy and aperture processing own national patent. Through market validation, the capacity of model KMPM 420 large wood  pellet mill reaches to 800-1000ton per hour.
Compared to traditional feed machinery, the biomass industrial pellet mill has high pressure, high temperature and big wear. Therefore, we have to strengthen the whole performance of large wood pellet mill. For the most transmission parts such as big gears, air shaft and gears etc, we adopt high hardness and forge processing. This will increase 2-3 times resistance to the wear and loss.

structural improvements Gearbox uses ductile iron without damage lifelong; Traditional spiral force feeding equipment is improved blade stainless steel continuous feeding system; the traditional spindle oil changes from butter to thin oil. The feed scraper adds triangle balanced hanging material in order to guarantee ring die balance. All these improvements of industrial wood pellet mill will increase capacity and working ability.

Accessories System

Meanwhile we also provide full after service how to maintain the spare parts and technical guide.

ring dies rollet shell roller assembly eccentric shaft
Ring Die Rollet Shell Roller Assembly Eccentric Shaft
press cover shearing pin embrace hoop screw adjusting bolt and nut
Press Cover Shearing Pin Embrace Hoop Screw Adjusting Bolt and Nut
bearing gear shaft hole axis clearance adjusting wheel
Bearing Gear Shaft Hole Axis Clearance Adjusting Wheel
gasket driving key grease nipple main shaft
Gasket Driving Key Grease Nipple Main Shaft
hoop ring die repairing machine forced feeding blade big flat washer
Hoop Ring Die Repairing Machine Forced Feeding Blade Big Flat Washer