ring die pellet machine

Ring die pellet machine is mainly utilized by factories or companies for commercial purpose. Because pellets have a variety of applications. You can sell them to families for cooking or heating and factories as industrial fuel, or use them as energy resource for generating electricity. The ring die pellet making machine is of large body, high yield, and high efficiency.

Whole Ring Die Pellet Machine

ring die pellet machine

Advantages of Ring Die Pellet Machine:
Key Parts of Ring Die Pellet Machine

Choosing a ring pellet machine means you choose a way to realize your dream of wealth more quickly. Compared with flat die, it is more enduring and durable. The high productivity, high efficiency and low energy consumption will make you conduct the one-step operation whenever and wherever you are.
ring die Ring die has a wide cylindrical shape and is set vertically, rather than the vertical design of flat die on the small pellet mill. It is where pellets are forming.
Ring Die
surge bin Surge bin is used to feed materials through a variable speed conditioner before being distributed via the pelletizing machine door.
Surge Bin

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