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It's well-known that real biomass pellet energy is going to be renewable plants of forestry and agriculture, which is broken, processed and compressed the pellets finally so as to transport, improve combustion efficiency and lower polluting of the environment. The raw material has certain calorific value with renewable, environment protection (cheapest sulfur, chloride content),  co2  pollutants cycle for zero. In practical application, we are able to investigate waste of forestry, agriculture and industry for example sawdust, corn stover, rice husk, straw, wood log, plastic, sludge and cloth etc. As long as raw materials are waste or garbage with certain calorific value which produce some profits in sales, we can collect and process into pellets through ring die pelletizer machine for commercial purposes.

Different Kinds of Material
materials of pellets

Recently, garbage is becoming major pollution condition in city. We not collect garbage, screen after drying out and add chemicals to enhance calorific value throughout pellets processing with ring die pelletizer to be able to reduce dangerous material in the combustion process. And we are capable of multi-win situation enterprise, government, city and atmosphere.

Advantages of Biomass Pellets

biomass pellet biomass pellets
  • Biomass pellet fuel has a great heat between 3900-4800 K/kg. After charring, the heat is up to about 7000-8000K/kg.
  • The biomass pellets: carbon content is about 75-85%;ash content is 3-6%; moisture content is 1-3%. So high purity excluding other debris will reduce the cost of enterprise.
  • Biomass pellets excludes parathion, so they doesn’t corrode the boiler, which will prolong the service of boiler and make enterprise get benefits.
  • What’s more, biomass pellet is clean and green. Feeding simple and it will reduce labor intensity. Meanwhile it will greatly improve the working environment. Enterprise also reduces the labor cost.
  • After biomass pellets burning, the ash is little. This will greatly reduce venues of stacked cinder and slag costs.
  • Furthermore, the after combustion ashes is high grade quality organic potash, which can be recycled.

Ring Die Pelletizer of NPM

ring die pelletizer machine ring die pelletizer
Ring Die Pelletizer
pelletizing pellets
Process of Pelletizing

A variety of raw material has various characteristic; therefore the pellets qualities will be different. Before we get ready for our pelletsfactory, we should understand pellets' calorific value, size, ash content and sulfur, chloride, nitrogen content. Which large pelletizing machinery you need to choose on the basis of different materials. Finally, we have to evaluate if target audience demand, market cost andwhen pellets achieve profit effect. If clients convey more puzzled problems for making pellets, you are able to phone us or send e-mail.